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Simon Cropper simoncropper at
Fri Sep 9 01:40:42 CEST 2011

On 09/09/11 01:11, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
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> It's no harder to put the search terms into a google URL, which still gets
> the point across without being a dick about it:
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OK I was not going to say anything but...

1. Being told to google-it when I explicitly stated in my initial post 
that I had been doing this and had not been able to find anything is 
just plain rude. It is unconstructive and irritating.

2. I presume that python-list is a mail list for python users - 
beginners, intermediate and advanced. If it is not then tell me and I 
will go somewhere else.

3. Some searches, particularly for common terms throw millions of hits. 
'Python' returns 147,000,000 results on google, 'Sitemap' returns 
1,410,000,000 results. Even 'Python AND Sitemap' still returns 5,020 
results. Working through these links takes you round and round with no 
clear solutions. Asking for help on the primary python mail list -- 
after conducting a preliminary investigation for tools, libraries, code 
snippets seemed legitimate.

4. AND YES, I could write a program but why recreate code when there is 
a strong likelihood that code already exists. One of the advantages of 
python is that a lot of code is redistributed under licences that 
promote reuse. So why reinvent the wheel when their is a library full of 
code. Sometimes you just need help finding the door.

4. If someone is willing to help me, rather than lecture me (or poke me 
to see if they get a response), I would appreciate it.


For people that are willing to help. My original request was...

I am after a way of pointing a python routine to my website and have it
create a tree, represented as a hierarchical HTML list in a webpage, of
all the pages in that website (recursive list of internal links to HTML
documents; ignore images, etc.).

In subsequent notes to Thomas 'PointedEars'...

I pointed to an example of the desired output here

Cheers Simon

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