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On Sep 9, 12:47 pm, Vineet <vineet.deod... at> wrote:
> On Sep 9, 3:29 am, Paul Watson <paul.hermeneu... at> wrote:
> > I have read some of the talk around these two frameworks.
> > Would you say that web2py is more geared toward the enterprise?
> > Which one do you believe will be on Python 3 more quickly?
> Both Django & web2py are good frameworks.
> I have tried both of them + others & then chosen a hybrid of web2py +
> DABO bizobj for my work.
> (DABO is a desktop app framework; so I have chosen only the BizObj
> layer from it, which can do its job in any other python web or desktop
> framework).
> Typically, my apps are data-centric business apps.
> web2py wins in simplicity, flexibility, no install, no dependencies,
> good docs & community, low learning curve, etc.
> DABO BizObj excels in managing the business logic aspect.
> With DABO bizobj layer, apart from the business logic, managing
> multiple tables insert/update/delete, rollback, before-insert, after-
> save, etc. is very handy... the list is quite long)
> (I know you will say that every framework has got its own DAL. It's
> true. But most of them are designed for basic database functions.)
> Some useful links---http://web2py.comwww.web2pyclices.com
> Also, there are threads in which discuss in-depth
> the +1 & -1 for these frameworks.
> Contributors to these threads include the lead developers including
> Massimo himself.
> Hope this helps.
> ---Vineet

Re. your point about porting from py2 to py3, the following thread
makes it clear.


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