Django or web2py

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Fri Sep 9 09:47:37 CEST 2011

On Sep 9, 3:29 am, Paul Watson <paul.hermeneu... at> wrote:
> I have read some of the talk around these two frameworks.
> Would you say that web2py is more geared toward the enterprise?
> Which one do you believe will be on Python 3 more quickly?

Both Django & web2py are good frameworks.
I have tried both of them + others & then chosen a hybrid of web2py +
DABO bizobj for my work.
(DABO is a desktop app framework; so I have chosen only the BizObj
layer from it, which can do its job in any other python web or desktop

Typically, my apps are data-centric business apps.
web2py wins in simplicity, flexibility, no install, no dependencies,
good docs & community, low learning curve, etc.

DABO BizObj excels in managing the business logic aspect.
With DABO bizobj layer, apart from the business logic, managing
multiple tables insert/update/delete, rollback, before-insert, after-
save, etc. is very handy... the list is quite long)
(I know you will say that every framework has got its own DAL. It's
true. But most of them are designed for basic database functions.)

Some useful links---

Also, there are threads in which discuss in-depth
the +1 & -1 for these frameworks.
Contributors to these threads include the lead developers including
Massimo himself.

Hope this helps.


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