using python in web applications

Littlefield, Tyler tyler at
Fri Sep 9 23:54:40 EDT 2011

Hello all:
I'm curious if there are some good solutions for using Python in web 

I'm not feeling particularly masochistic, so I do not want to develop 
this project in PHP; essentially I'm looking to build a web-based MMO. I 
know that you can use nginx with Python with servers like Flask, but I'm 
not really sure how well all of those work. Since this will be a game, I 
can expect quite a few users; I've already got quite a lot of interest. 
I don't much care for PHP, but the thing that can be said for it is it's 
pretty quick. How does Python compare? Are there some solutions (I was 
told about PyPy today) that would be quicker that I could still use for 
the web app? I'm also curious what databases are suggested? I've always 
done most of my work in MYSql, but from what I understand postgresql is 
becoming more popular to.

Thanks all for the input,


Take care,
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