Invoke a superclass method from a subclass constructor

Kayode Odeyemi dreyemi at
Sun Sep 11 04:18:29 EDT 2011

Hello friends,

An instance of my subclass doesn't invoke its superclass method, except when
it is referenced

Here is what I mean:

>>> class A(object):
...     def log(self, module):
...             return str('logged')

>>> class B(A):
...     def __init__(self, module):
...             self.module = A().log(module)
>>> c = B('system')
>>> # I expect 'logged' to be printed here
>>> print c.log('system') # why do I have to do this?
>>> 'logged'

Why do I have to make a call to c.log before log() method can be invoked?

My reasoning is such that since I have passed the log() method to B's
constructor, an instance
of B should invoke A's log() method.

What could I be missing in class A or B to have this working as expected?
Odeyemi 'Kayode O. t: @charyorde
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