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I am agree with postgresql i don' t have any problem, also is better for big applications. And Python is always better language than PHP if you' re going to create a web app.
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>I don't much care for PHP, but the thing that can be said for it is it's 
>pretty quick. How does Python compare?

PHP is quick for development, in that you can slap together some schlock
and have it mostly work.  The result, however, is usually schlock.  The
performance of the language itself is almost entirely irrelevant; the
execution time is swamped by the network overhead.

>I'm also curious what databases are suggested? I've always 
>done most of my work in MYSql, but from what I understand postgresql is 
>becoming more popular to.

Well, that's a religious argument.  Personally, I've always been confused
by the draw of MySql.  From the very beginning, Postgres has always been
more powerful, more reliable, more standard-compliant, and more
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