ipython -wthread vs. ipython -pylab

Wolfram Brenig w.brenig at tu-bs.de
Mon Sep 12 17:39:35 CEST 2011


I have a problem with the ipython shell: frequently, within one session 
I would like to do 2D plotting, using  matplotlib, as well as 3D 
visualization using mayavi

The man page for ipython, matplotlib, and mayavi tell me, that I must 
invoke ipython with
ipython -wthread for mayavi and
ipython -pylab for matplotlib
in order to avoid blocking (which indeed happens if I don't
use those options).
However, ipython's manpage also states, that only one of -wthread or 
-pylab can be given?

Does that imply I have to get out of the shell each time I want to 
switch from matplotlib to mayavi usage? Most likely no. But what should 
I do?

Thanks for your help


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