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Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Wed Sep 14 04:24:31 EDT 2011

Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml at> wrote:

> Matt Joiner, 14.09.2011 04:23:
>> i'm curious as to what can be done with (and handled better) by
>> adjusting sys.setswitchinterval
>> i've opened a question on SO for this, that people might find of
>> interest:[...]
> I wonder why people ask this kind of question on stackoverflow, and
> then come here asking people to go over there, read the question, and 
> (potentially) provide an answer.
> IMHO, is a much better place to ask Python(-related) questions
> than stackoverflow. It's also a much better place to search for an
> answer that is already available in the archives.
If you want an answer to how to get a specific bit of code to work then 
Stackoverflow is better if only because people can see who has already 
answered so don't need to waste time re-answering every trivial little 
question about syntax.

Also there's a theory that people can search for existing answers so only 
one person in the class has to ask how to do their homework. I've never 
actually asked a question on Stackoverflow but I have found the answers to 
a lot of problems I've had.

If you want an open-ended discussion then is the place to go. On 
Stackoverflow you would likely just have the question closed pdq.

Duncan Booth

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