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memilanuk memilanuk at
Wed Sep 14 08:33:54 EDT 2011

On 09/13/2011 09:12 PM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Matt Joiner, 14.09.2011 04:23:
>> i'm curious as to what can be done with (and handled better) by
>> adjusting sys.setswitchinterval
>> i've opened a question on SO for this, that people might find of
>> interest:[...]
> I wonder why people ask this kind of question on stackoverflow, and then
> come here asking people to go over there, read the question, and
> (potentially) provide an answer.
> IMHO, is a much better place to ask Python(-related) questions
> than stackoverflow. It's also a much better place to search for an
> answer that is already available in the archives.
> Stefan

Just an opinion from the unwashed masses... but I don't see the p0rn 
spam over on SO that I do on, for one.  I also seem to generally 
get better results from the search engine there, for two.  Not saying 
one is necessarily better than the other, but just subscribing to the 
feed for the [python] tag on SO has a pretty good SNR...

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