ANN: PyGUI 2.5

Bill Janssen janssen at
Wed Sep 14 14:47:18 EDT 2011

Gregory Ewing <greg.ewing at> wrote:

> Terry Reedy wrote:
> > Greg left out the most important to me:
> > "Now works with Python 3 on MacOSX and Windows!"
> I'm not making too much of that at the moment, because it
> *doesn't* work on Linux yet, and I've no idea how long
> it will be before it does.
> The issue is that there will apparently not be any
> Python 3 version of pygtk, on the grounds that gobject
> introspection can be used instead. Unfortunately,
> Gtk 3 and related libraries don't quite handle gobject
> introspection well enough to support PyGUI at the moment.

One possibility would be to develop a PyGUI branch on top of Tk, so that
it would work with Python anywhere.


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