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Wed Sep 14 15:00:50 EDT 2011

Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:

> In article <Xns9F605E618E6B1duncanbooth at>,
>  Duncan Booth <duncan.booth at invalid.invalid> wrote:
>> If you want an answer to how to get a specific bit of code to work then 
>> Stackoverflow is better if only because people can see who has already 
>> answered so don't need to waste time re-answering every trivial little 
>> question about syntax.
> Any halfway decent newsreader application will follow threading and put 
> all the responses to a given question in one place.  Of course, this is 
> a relatively new feature.  If your newsreader is any older than about 
> the mid 1980's, it may not be able to do this.
Sorry, I evidently didn't make myself clear. On Usenet it could be hours 
before your local server updates with other posts on the thread, on 
Stackoverflow the answers will update live as they are posted.

Duncan Booth

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