Reconciling os.path.getmtime vs ftp.sendcmd('MDTM filename')

Tim Johnson tim at
Wed Sep 14 15:50:44 EDT 2011

I have written a class that uses ftplib.FTP as the parent.
I need to reconcile the modified time of a workstation file with
that same filename on a remote server.
Let's say we have a file called '400.shtml'. I get the mtime on
my workstation by
>> os.path.getmtime('400.shtml')
And I use 
>> ftp.sendcmd('MDTM 400.shtml') ## for the remote server
'213 20110726004703'

My question is how to compare the two outputs?
Pointers to documentation and other resources are invited.

tim at johnsons-web dot com or akwebsoft dot com

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