Accessing matplotlib-users discussion group?

John Ladasky ladasky at
Wed Sep 14 22:47:50 CEST 2011

Hi folks,

Apologies if this is a bit off-topic, but there must be another
Pythoneer out there who can help me navigate my current problem.

I'm working with matplotlib, the Python graphing package.  I need to
ask some questions about it, and the place to ask those questions
would appear to be the matplotlib-users discussion group.  Matplotlib-
users appears to be hosted on (and is not mirrored
anywhere else?), so I tried to sign up for an account (at

Yesterday, after filling out the registration page, Sourceforge
rejected my registration, without any notice that I observed.  Today,
I tried that registration again.  This time, on the upper right corner
of the rejection page, I saw the following message: "your registration
violated our anti-spam filter."


I tried searching Sourceforge for information on what their anti-spam
filter is, and how my registration could possibly have violated it.  I
found nothing.

If anyone out there can tell me how 1) I can actually register with
Sourceforge, or 2) how I might post to matplotlib-users without
bothering with Sourceforge, I would be most grateful!

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