What is wrong with this code?

John Gordon gordon at panix.com
Thu Sep 15 10:21:41 EDT 2011

In <nemo-15092011085110 at nemo.com> superhappyfuntime <keymint1498 at gmail.com> writes:

> it's not running. here it is: 

> #this is antiWYSIWYG, an easy to learn cap for begginners to LaTeX.

> #this is defines what means what. you can just read howto.pdf instead 
> of this part.
> here it is: = '\begin{document}'
> it's an article = '\documentclass article'
> it's a book = '\documentclass{book}'
> it's a letter = '\documentclass{letter}'
> it's a report = '\documentclass{report}'
> it's called = '\title{'
> it's over! = '\end{document}'

> #this is where you come in: type what you want below using the terms 
> explained in howto.pdf 

>  print ('it's an article it's called test} here it is: Hello World! 
> it's over!')

You cannot use words like


inside a single-quoted string.  Either escape the word like this:


or enclose the entire string in double quotes.

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