help regarding extracting a smaller list from larger one

neeru K neuroniru at
Thu Sep 15 18:40:01 CEST 2011

Dear Python Users,
I am trying to write a code for visualization (raster plots and peri-event
time histogram) of time series electrophysiological data using numpy, scipy
and matlplotlib in python. I am importing the data into list using loadtext
I was curious if anyone is aware of a function in numpy that can *extract a
smaller list containing numbers from a larger list* given the upper and
lower limit of the values between which the smaller list lies.
Thank you in advance.

Niranjan Kambi
Senior Research Fellow,
Neeraj Lab,
National Brain Research Centre,
Manesar, Gurgaon-122050
Haryana, INDIA
email:- neuro.niru at, neuroniru at
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