Comparisons of computation timing

Akand Islam sohel807 at
Fri Sep 16 00:48:30 EDT 2011

I have run my codes (written in Python) in my Notebook (3 GB Ram, Dual-
core CPU T4500 @ 2.3 GHz) and in my lab machine (11.57 GB Ram, i7-920
CPU @ 2.67 GHz). However, I have found execution time in Notebook
250.3 seconds, and in Lab machine 333.2 seconds. How is it possible?
Good configuration machine performs slower??? I reran the codes, same
finding whatsoever. I run Windows 7 in my laptop, and Ubuntu 11.04 in
lab machine. Both are 64 bit. When I ran my simulation in Notebook, I
also did some other stuffs; however for the case of lab machine I did
nothing other than running simulation only.

About the codes: Basically it simply solves some non-linear equations
using "fsolve" along with some other calculations.

I will appreciate if some one discusses about possible reasons? For
fair comparisons, in both machines I ran exactly the same codes. My
codes are not parallelized, is this the main reason i7 processes show
slower performance?

Thanks in advance,

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