From Python on Solaris to Python on LINUX

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Sep 16 00:54:40 CEST 2011

On 15Sep2011 17:30, Genevi�ve Diagorn <Genevieve.Diagorn at> wrote:
| I work on projects developed in Python 2.3 on Solaris. The customer asks us
| to pass on LINUX in a recent version of Python.
| Is it someone has already realized this modification? What are the traps to
| be avoided?
| Is it a long and difficult phase?

Aside from the very minor things mentioned by others, only two things
occur to me:

  - if you use the struct module and you're moving from SPARC to Intel the
    endianness of some things may change

  - if you call external shell commands, there are (usually minor)
    differences between the Solaris and GNU toolsets

Neither seems likely to be a big problem and of course both are "outside
Python" in a sense. Cheers,
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