ImportError: cannot import name dns

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NOTE: This is all speculation on my part. I am hoping someone on the list will give us more concrete details.

1. check for "dns" in sys.modules (initially not found)
2. create new empty module, add it to sys.modules as "dns"
3. execute in new module namespace (executes "from foo import udp") 
It has not yet added anything defined in dns because it is still on import statement

4. check for "udp" in sys.modules (not found)
5. create new empty module, add it to sys.modules as "udp"
6. execute in new module namespace (executes "from foo import dns") 
Cannot do this because dns is still not defined even though it the name is in sys.modules and since we are still in the middle of the first statement defining dns, it raises an error.

7. check for "dns" in sys.modules (found!)
8. done executing
9. done executing


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> It is a circular dependency. Dns will try to import udp which will in turn import dns (again) in an endless cycle; instead an ImportError is raised.
> Circular dependency is a Bad Thing.

According to this documentation:

 - I thought Python would do something like:

So I'd expect attempting to access symbols from "dns" while executing to fail, because isn't done executing at this point.
However I don't attempt to access any symbols from "dns" - so I don't
expect this ImportError

What is my mistake?
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