python install on locked down windows box?

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Fri Sep 23 08:09:40 EDT 2011

Hi Matt,

Enjoyed your list options :)

I'm a consultant and have to do what your subject line asks at
most clients I work at.

Here's the technique I recommend:

Install Python for the ***current user*** on another workstation
with the appropriate priviledges. Then xcopy this Python folder
to a USB drive. Then xcopy this folder from your USB drive to a
matching folder on your locked down workstation.

The xcopy-ed version of Python will run without problems when you
start the python.exe executable from a command line with a python
script as a command line parameter. The only thing you won't be
able to do is click on .py* files and have them automatically
invoke the Python interpreter because file associations require
admin rights to update the registery. I don't consider this a big

Good luck!

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