pyWin build 216

Brian Curtin brian.curtin at
Fri Sep 23 11:01:04 EDT 2011

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 09:25, python <w.g.sneddon at> wrote:
> I have used pyWin for several years now with out issue.   I recently
> installed build 216 for python 2.7 on windows XP pro.   The program
> crashes every time I exit a wxPython program and has crashed a few
> other times.  I does not seem that pyWin has been updated since
> February of this year.   Is there a direction change for the windows
> extensions?  Is it time I make the move to 3.x?  Mark Hammond has
> given much to the Python community and I do not intend for this post
> to be negative in any way.

pywin32 has been available for 3.x for some time, but you wouldn't be
able to use it since you're currently using wxPython.

You may want to post a more detailed question to -- Mark hangs out
there and there are plenty of pywin32 experts around who could help as

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