can't load an script from html...

Ricardo at
Fri Sep 23 21:42:44 EDT 2011

Hi everyone
I'm trying to use the cgi library to create a python script and loading it from a web page. I have already done the necessary imports, and the default commands to receive data from "html" are written too. The final version is something like this:


import subprocess
import cgi
import cgitb


input = cgi.FieldStorage()

…. my code (do something with input)….

#printing the response

	print "Content-Type: text/html"    
	print "<TITLE>My title:</TITLE>"
	print "</HEAD>"
	print "<BODY>"
	print ….. bla bla …
	print "%s"%theoutput
	print "</BODY>"

Besides, my call from my index.html is like this:

 <form action="/scripts/" method="post">
      	<input name="inid" type="text" size="20" class="input" /><br/><br/>
        <input type="submit" value="accept"  class="button"/>

well, the thing is that when i do the call from the browser: 

put the data and click on the "accept" button

I only get the as a plain test by response (the script printed on my browser). 
I have already changed the permissions for I have checked the import cgi,cgitb in the python shell (i am using v2.7) and they work fine. So, i don't know what it is going wrong here.

A little help please… any idea?
Thanks anyway for your time.

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