pyWin build 216

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at
Fri Sep 23 23:43:45 EDT 2011

On 24/09/2011 12:25 AM, python wrote:
> I have used pyWin for several years now with out issue.   I recently
> installed build 216 for python 2.7 on windows XP pro.   The program
> crashes every time I exit a wxPython program and has crashed a few
> other times.

There are a number of issues using Pythonwin to run a program which uses 
a different UI toolkit (eg, wx, Tkinter) and while these have been 
around for many years I don't plan on trying to fix it.  IOW, "don't do 
that" :)

> I does not seem that pyWin has been updated since
> February of this year.   Is there a direction change for the windows
> extensions?  Is it time I make the move to 3.x?  Mark Hammond has
> given much to the Python community and I do not intend for this post
> to be negative in any way.

No problem.  There have been no updates as there is very little to 
update (ie, the code hasn't change a huge amount in hg since then). 
There will probably be a new version in the next month or so, but that 
is quite orthogonal to whether you should move to 3.x - the 3.x version 
of Pythonwin hasn't been updated in the same period and is built from 
the same source tree, so is likely to have exactly the same problems 
(infact is likely to have a few more - there are probably a few 3.x 
specific issues still hiding away).


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