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> > On Sep 25, 2011, at 8:46 PM, Tim Johnson wrote:
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> >>  Why does it suck? And why do people say 'suck' so much, especially in technical venues? :)
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> > It's a technical term:
> >
> >
> Also, because technical people are opinionated windbags. Goes with the
> territory. :) 
 I always felt that to be courteous, to the point and reserved cost
 me less typing time. And since I'm self-employed and only charge
 for productive time for clients, that's being cost-conscious for me.

 Of course I've been known to get a little crazy about PHP. So don't
 let me get started...

 BTW: If you like ranting as a spectator sport, I have found the
 Common Lisp newsgroup to be among the most spectacular. But that's
 just me.
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