error when use portable python 2.7.2

yixuan yixuan178 at
Tue Sep 27 08:00:30 EDT 2011

On Sep 27, 7:01 pm, Alec Taylor <alec.tayl... at> wrote:
> You're looking for this:
> On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 8:48 PM, yixuan <yixuan... at> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I copy python 2.7.2 folder from other machine to my new installed
> > Windows XP.
> > If I run python.exe it would say side by side error, it is caused by
> > crt environment.
> > I copy msvc90 runtime and manifest into my folder, python.exe seems
> > working now.
> > But when I used 'import FixTk', it would say "dll load failed",
> > actually, it also a side by side error, if I paste crt libraries into
> > Dlls folder, it can be solved. But I don't think it is a good
> > solution.
> > How can I set it to prevent above error? w/o install any microsoft
> > package. I want to user can use my package when they unpack it.
> > Thanks,
> > Eugene
> > --
> >

Thanks for your information. But in that site, it seems how to rebuild
python for another use.
My issue is that, when I install python 2.7.2 in one windows, then I
want to copy that folder to my new installed windows, and try to run
python. It will ask CRT environment.
Why I need that scenario, i want to package python in my package, so I
want it to run one new installed windows which w/o any crt runtime

For more convenience, my issue seems like that in DLLs folder, there
has some dlls, python would load them when needed, but when run
application, it couldn't find crt files which stored in python root
folder. So how to set that all dll can find that folder?


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