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Tue Sep 27 22:45:52 CEST 2011

On Sep 27, 1:51 am, DevPlayer <devpla... at> wrote:
> By the way OP Passiday the title of the topic is "Suggested coding
> style".
> Are you suggesting a coding style or asking for a Python coding style
> or are you asking what IS the Python coding style.
> If you are asking what is the Python coding style. Google The Zen of
> Python. It's pretty much the dictum of coding style and referred to
> alot by many Pythoneers.

The Python zen is a very general outline of our collective religious
beliefs concerning programming (and it could be applied to many
fields). Every Python programmer should know the zen by heart. Which
can be very beneficial in a war of words when some smart mouth decides
to quote the zen in an attempt to defeat you. Since, like the bible
the zen is self contradicting, any argument utilizing the zen can be
defeated utilizing the zen.

If however you want to learn about the accepted rules for formatting
code then you need to read "PEP-8"! PEP 8 is our style guide. It is
not perfect as i have pointed out on many occasions HOWEVER it is the
only thing we have that keeps multiplicity from reproducing like

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