Installing Python 2.6.7 on Windows

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Tue Sep 27 20:52:07 EDT 2011

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 16:32, Wanderer <wanderer at> wrote:

> I think it is strange to release a security update but not really expect
> people
> to use it.

We expect that people who need 2.6 but won't move to 2.7, and at the same
time are vulnerable to the security issue(s), would be able to compile
Python for themselves. Shortly after 2.7 was released, 2.6 went into
security-fix mode, and that's true of any X.Y and X.Y-1 pair.

For a look at how busy the release schedule has been at times, I wrote about
all of the releases we were up to in June at Consider the
fact that the person creating the installer usually creates at least three
installers for any release (usually two candidates, and the final - add in
alphas for a new X.Y), for each branch, of which three branches were having
binary installers produced.

For the specifics on the 2.6.7 fix, covers
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