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Wed Sep 28 17:06:23 EDT 2011

I'm clearly not understanding something about scope in python...  Any help
is appreciated

In the following script I'm attempting to create 2 Foo objects, for each Foo
object I create 2 Bars and add them to Foo's bar array

Something hokey is occurring with the "foo.bars.append(bar)" line such that
Foo.bars is treated as a "static" (I know python doesn't have statics)

I have a workaround using encapsulation for the bars array but I prefer
would also like to understand the issue.


foos = []

class Foo:
id = 0
bars = []

class Bar:
id = 0

for j in range(0, 2):
foo = Foo()

for i in range(0, 2):
bar = Bar() = i

for myFoo in foos:
print("foo id: ",
for myBar in myFoo.bars:
print ("\tbar id: ",


foo id:  0
        bar id:  0
        bar id:  1
        bar id:  0
        bar id:  1
foo id:  0
        bar id:  0
        bar id:  1
        bar id:  0
        bar id:  1
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