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Thu Sep 29 01:26:51 CEST 2011

* DevPlayer <devplayer at> [110928 04:31]:
> On Sep 27, 10:25 pm, alex23 <wuwe... at> wrote:
> > rantingrick <rantingr... at> wrote:
> > > Since, like the bible
> > > the zen is self contradicting, any argument utilizing the zen can be
> > > defeated utilizing the zen.
> >
> > And like the Bible, the Zen was created by humans as a joke. If you're
> > taking it too seriously, that's your problem.
> >
> > > If however you want to learn about the accepted rules for formatting
> > > code then you need to read "PEP-8"! PEP 8 is our style guide.
> >
> Contradiction is only seen by narrow perspectve.
> Calling the Bible a joke is used to hurt people, not enlighten them.
> Those words show bitter arrogance, not constructive critism as it
> ignores how others feel about that book. What benefit to others is
> gained by calling someones belief a joke? 

 My wife and I are devout christians, but not fundamentalist. We
 would not take rantingrick too seriously. If _you_ take him
 seriously, you're just giving him 'street cred'.

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