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Wed Sep 28 22:41:51 EDT 2011

On Sep 28, 10:12 pm, DevPlayer <devpla... at> wrote:
> Calling the Bible a joke is used to hurt people, not enlighten them.

Y'know, I wouldn't even bother responding to this if Xianists were as
open, forgiving and accepting as their messiah told them to be. It was
a *flippant remark*. If you want to establish intent, aggression and
religio-politico-philosophy from every throwaway remark made on the
internet, you're not really going to have much time for Python.

My belief system isn't your's. Hell, my belief system doesn't even
require that I have *any respect whatsoever* for your's. If it's okay
for Xianists to "suffer not a witch to live", then I'm going to assert
my making light jokes about those whose world view is in direct
opposition to mine isn't even comparable to that mentality.

from attitude import humour

(Since we're already fully derailed here, I've always preferred
Borges' suggestion that it was actually Judas who carried the full
weight of man's sins, given that his betrayal of Christ and inevitable
condemnation to hell was a necessity. Then again, I'm able to safely
view this as *allegory* and am genuinely interested in the opinions of
modern minds over something first begun by nomads millenia ago...)

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