Suggested coding style

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Thu Sep 29 12:37:39 CEST 2011

Oh, my. Who could expect this topic would iterate to some whining about religion (please don't respond on this remark of mine).

Here's a summary of what I take from this longwinded thread:
Read the Zen of Pthon for some fun:
Read the PEP-8 for some good guidelines:

My topic was "Suggested coding style" because I hoped there is some common understanding which of the ancient methods/functions are so not where they should be that the use of them should be depreciated. I can fully understand that when the language evolves, it might implement some ugly methods. Perhaps it was some quick itching need to format some numbers that drove some antique Python programmer so mad that he decided this belongs to the string class, instead of some number/date/string formatting class that attempts to build on existing well established standards. And so, the str.zfill() was born. But I'd expect that there exists some leadership who are brave enough to admit some bad decisions and lead the people by announcing that using certain methods is "bad style". No need to take them out of the implementation, that might unnecessary break some code in obscure places. However, guiding programmers for better coding practice and avoid ugly bloating of nice scripting language should be considered a holy (please don't rant on use of this word) mission.


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