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In <a6679459-fc57-4389-8d43-1e5ed960d85d at> Subhabrata Banerjee <subhagurgaon2011 at> writes:

> (i) I have a file of lists. Now, the first digit starts with a number
> or index, like,

> [001, "Obama", "USA", "President"]
> [002  "Major", "UK", "PM"]
> [003  "Singh", "INDIA", "PM"]

> Initially, I am reading the file and taking as
> for line in file:
>     line_word=line.split
>     print line_word

This isn't your actual code.  Please show us your real code, along with
a sample of your input file.

> (ii) My second question is posted by one of my colleagues, what makes
> Python so fast?

Fast compared to what?  Why does your colleague believe it should be

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