Counting the number of call of a function

Laurent Claessens moky.math at
Thu Sep 29 19:08:52 CEST 2011


    Is it possible to count the number of time a function is called ?
Of course, if I've access to the source code, it's easy.

I tried the following :

def foo():
     print "foo !"

class wraper(object):
     def __init__(self,fun):
     def replacement(*args):
         print "I'm replaced"


I was hoping that globals()[foo] would be replaced by my X.replacement 
and thus the second call to foo() was expected to print "I'm replaced".

Instead nothing is done.

By the way, I tried to print globals() inside __init__() to see what 
happens. It turns out that the entry 'foo' is never modified.

Any idea ?
I fact what I have to do is to add a decorator _a posteriori_ ...

Have a good night

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