Benefit and belief

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Fri Sep 30 03:24:30 EDT 2011

On Sep 30, 4:03 am, Devin Jeanpierre <jeanpierr... at> wrote:
> But anyway, no, we don't agree on what it means to be friendly or what
> a hostile atmosphere is. I've noticed that people tend to be a lot
> harsher here than what I'm used to, so perhaps your attitude to it is
> more common on mailing-lists and I should just adapt.

A Mulla Nasruddin story comes to mind:
The judge in a village court had gone on vacation. Nasrudin was asked
to be temporary judge for a day. Mulla sat on the Judge's chair and
ordered the first case to be brought up for hearing.

"You are right," said Nasrudin after carefully hearing one side.
"You are right," he said after carefully hearing the other side.
"But both cannot be right!" said the court clerk bewildered.
After profound thought said the Mulla:

  "You are right"

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