Question on Manipulating List and on Python

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> > And Python seems faster than C++/Java. It is indeed. I also experience
> > it.
> Python compared to Java? Difficult to compare. Python to C++?
> Impossible to compare. But performance depends MASSIVELY on
> algorithmic quality; if you code the exact same thing in Python and in
> C++, you would probably find that the C++ one is faster, but chances
> are you're implementing approximately the same thing in two quite
> different ways. Or possibly you're using a slow and inefficient
> library or third-party function.
> I've sometimes written code in one language and directly ported it to
> another, and then run both on the same hardware. With most such
> experiments, CPython generally doesn't perform all that well, and C or
> C++ rocks. But frequently, the C/C++ code is more verbose and more
> error-prone than the Python - because Python's biggest boast is not
> that it's fast, but that it's *fast enough*, while being easy to work
> with. (And every once in a while there's something where I want to use
> a pointer to some other variable, and that's a concept that just plain
> doesn't work in Python. You have references to objects, but you can't
> from one place change another variable, without using some kind of
> mutable object that they both reference.)
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> I think Steven D'Aprano had an excellent post on this a week or so ago (on the tutor list, not this one).
> See:
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Dear Group,
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check if these work. Converting to
dictionary I was thinking but others I have to test. Without patting
my own back(I do not write algorithms that good), I can say Python is
indeed damn fast. A reason many of my friends are shifting fast to
Python and I was suggested by a reputed person of MIT CogLab to use
Python instead of C++ and it worked just fabulous for me. To my
collegue I would find out an answer.

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