Benefit and belief

DevPlayer devplayer at
Fri Sep 30 16:59:27 CEST 2011

I still assert that contradiction is caused by narrow perspective.

By that I mean: just because an objects scope may not see a certain
condition, doesn't mean that condition is non-existant.

I also propose that just because something seems to contradict doesn't
mean it is false. Take for instance:

Look out your window. Is it daylight or night time? You may say it is
daylight or you may say it is night time. I would disagree that only
one of those conditions are true. Both conditions are true. Always. It
is only day (or night) for YOU. But the opposite DOES in fact exist on
the other side of the world at the same time.

I call this Duality of Nature (and I believe there was some religion
somewhere in some time that has the same notion, Budism I think but I
could be mistaken). I see such "contradictions" in what appears to be
most truths.

If I am correct; not sure here; but I think that is part of the new
math Choas theory. (The notion that not all variables are known and
the results of well defined functions may result in completely
different actual outcomes) [Missing variables in such data sets and
functions, to me is basically a narrow(er) perspective of the all the
revelent factors for such computations.]

You could think of this in terms of classes and attributes if you
want. Just because an object does not see an attribute, like "has_
connection", doesn't mean the app doesn't have a connection to the
server, just that that object doesn't have access to the existance of
that attribute, because it is not in scope (ie narrow perspective).

I propose that if something seems to contradict itself, that that
doesnt' invalidate its value outright. It -could- invalidate its
value, but doesn't guarentee no value.

How this matters to coding style? No connection visible. It's just a
proposed notion.

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