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Sat Sep 24 15:10:48 EDT 2011

* Passiday <passiday at> [110924 09:47]:
> I have been coding in many other languages, most of the time it was
> Java and C#. I don't like the function mess of PHP (ie, loads and
> loads of functions without any namespaces etc), but I'd like to think
> that Python is different.
  It is ... 

> In my brief coding experience I have stumbled upon Python zfill(width)
> method, and I thought, really, do you have to include such a narrow-
> purpose method in the basic method set? Perhaps there are more such
> methods that are nice when you need them, but then again, you don't
> put all the possible methods in the standard set.
  I think that you have raised an interesting question here. I've
  been coding in python for 9 years and I have never used it. 

> Perhaps there is reason such method is in the basic library, and my
> complaints are unbased? 

  It could be some sort of legacy. I imagine we will hear from some
  more senior pythonists on this matter.

> Or, perhaps the language is on course to bloat
> out and get filled with tens and hundreds of special-purpose methods
> that render the language structure chaotic?

  From my observance, python has developed with care and prudence. I
  have a feeling (instinctive of course), that Guido van Rossum
  is/was more likely to say 'no' to a request for a new
  implementation that Rasmus Lerdorf.

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