The way to develope a graphical application to manage a Postgres database

Csanyi Pal csanyipal at
Thu Aug 2 20:24:36 CEST 2012


I'm new to python.

I'm searching for a way to develope a Python graphical application for a
Postgresql database.

I have installed on my Debian GNU/Linux testing/sid system many python
packages, among others:
eric, geany, idle, ninja-ide, pida (it doesn't work here), python2.7,
python-easygui, python-forgetsql, python-gasp, python-glade2,
python-gobject-2, python-gtk2, python-pip, python-pygresql,
python-pyside.qtsql, python-subversion, python-tk, python-wxglade,
spyder, python3-psycopg2, python-psycopg2, XRCed.

I did search in the Google but can't find any good tutorial except for
wxpython tutorial:,
wxGlade tutorial:

There is a tutorial for using python-psycopg2 here:

Still I don't know how to put these all together?

XRCed is the most interesting way for me.

Can one advices me where to go?

Regards from Pal

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