Intermediate Python user needed help

John Mordecai Dildy jdildy85 at
Sun Aug 5 21:51:31 CEST 2012

Ive tried to delete the spaces in 75 and 76 to see if it made a change but it has not made a difference to it.  Here is the full code and the thing is i know there is things wrong with it but the thing is im fixing a code for a friend to help him getting with the coding:

def break_words(stuff):
    """This function will break up words for us."""
    words = stuff.split(' ')
    return words

def sort_words(words):
    """Sorts the words."""
    return sorted(words)

def print_first_word(words):
    """Prints the first word after popping it off."""
    word = words.pop(0)
    print word

def print_last_word(words):
    """Prints the last word after popping it off."""
    word = words.pop(-1)
    print word

def sort_sentence(sentence):
    """Takes in a full sentence and returns the sorted words."""
    words = break_words(sentence)
    return sort_words(words)

def print_first_and_last(sentence):
    """Prints the first and last words of the sentence."""
    words = break_words(sentence)

def print_first_and_last_sorted(sentence):
    """Sorts the words then prints the first and last one."""
    words = sort_sentence(sentence)

print "Let's practice everything."
print 'You\'d need to know \'bout escapes with \\ that do \n newlines and \t tabs.'

poem = """
\tThe lovely world
with logic so firmly planted
cannot discern \n the needs of love
nor comprehend passion from intuition
and requires an explantion
\n\t\twhere there is none.

print "--------------"
print poem
print "--------------"

five = 10 - 2 + 3 - 5
print "This should be five: %s" % five

def secret_formula(started):
    jelly_beans = started * 500
    jars = jelly_beans / 1000
    crates = jars / 100
    return jelly_beans, jars, crates

start_point = 10000
beans, jars, crates == secret_formula(start-point)

print "With a starting point of: %d" % start_point
print "We'd have %d jeans, %d jars, and %d crates." % (beans, jars, crates)

start_point = start_point / 10

print "We can also do that this way:"
print "We'd have %d beans, %d jars, and %d crabapples." % secret_formula(start_pont
sentence = "All good things come to those who wait."

words = ex25.break_words(sentence)
sorted_words = ex25.sort_words(words)

sorted_words = ex25.sort_sentence(sentence)
prin sorted_words



Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me with this code

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