Object Models - decoupling data access - good examples ?

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Given that "the customer is always right": In the past I've dealt with this situation by creating one or more "query" classes and one or more edit classes.  I found it easier to separate these.

I would then create basic methods like EditStaff.add_empooyee(**kwargs)  inside of which I would drop into (in my case) MySQLdb.  In retrospect, I'm not sure that the generick use of **kwargs was a good solution in that it masked what I was passing in, requiring me to go back to the calling code when debugging.  OTOH it allowed me to be pretting generic by using
Sql = sql_template % kwargs

On the query side. I would convert the returned list of dictionaries to a list of objects using something like

Class DBrecord:
	Def __init__(self, **kwargs):

So that I did not have to use the record['fieldname'] syntax but could use record.fieldname.

I would describe myself as more of a survivalist programmer, lacking some of the sophisticated techniques of others on the mailing list so take that into account.


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> Just out of curiosity, why do you eschew ORMs?
Good question !

I'm not anti-ORM (in fact in many circs I'm quite pro-ORM) but for some time I've been working with a client who doesn't want ORMs used (they do have quite good reasons for this although probably not as good as they think). 

I was interested to know, given that was the case, how you might - in Python, go about structuring an app which didn't use an ORM but which did use a RDBMS fairly intensively.

I take your point about having "rolled my own ORM" - lol - but I can assure you what's in that 'bardb' is a pretty thin layer over the SQL and nothing like the, pretty amazing, functionality of, for instance, SQLAlchemy.


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