socketserver.BaseRequestHandler and socketserver.StreamRequestServer docs

lipska the kat lipskathekat at
Thu Aug 9 17:15:33 CEST 2012

First of all sincere apologies if this is blindingly obvious and I just 
missed it

In the documentation at

mention is made more than once of a class

in the examples in this chapter we see usage examples for

I am trying to find documentation for these two classes as I would like 
to use the former and, well I'd just like to learn more aout the latter.
I've looked in the general index and used Google. The problem is that 
however hard I look I just cannot find it !!!

In Eclipse I have the entire standard library mounted on an explorer 
node. When I find I can navigate to the 
BaseRequestHandler and StreamRequestHandler classes
but I can't find the (documented) class [socketserver].RequestHandler 
class in nor can I find any explicit documentation for 
the classes socketserver.StreamRequestHandler
and socketserver.BaseRequestHandler.

I'm probably being INCREDIBLY dense here but what am I missing ?

Incidently if I read the code for these two classes I CAN understand 
what they do but this is not always the case and anyway, how many other 
potentially useful classes are lurking undocumented in the library

This is NOT intended as a criticism but it is frustrating.

many thanks

Lipska the Kat: Troll hunter, sandbox destroyer
and farscape dreamer of Aeryn Sun

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