Idle no longer works

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sun Aug 12 03:59:22 CEST 2012

On 8/11/2012 7:09 PM, Opap-OJ wrote:
> I can no longer open the Idle IDE for Python on Windows 7.
> For 3-5 years I used Idle for all my python work.  But in January
> this happens:
> When I right click on a python file and choose "open with Idle"
> nothing happens.
> If I double-click on the file itself, it briefly opens an MS-DOS
> looking window, then closes it immediately.

That should run the file and discard the output. Above is typical

> Any idea why?

*Something* very specific to your system changed. Either registry 
associations for .py are screwed, or your Python installation is 
damaged. Easiest fix is to uninstall and re-install Python. But download 
a more recent version first. Uninstall might not be needed, but makes 
process more like to work.

In the regular interactive command prompt interpreter

import idlelib.idle

should start idle.

Terry Jan Reedy

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