Crashes always on Windows 7

Dave Angel d at
Fri Aug 17 16:54:52 CEST 2012

On 08/17/2012 09:38 AM, zmagic11 at wrote:
> Hi,
> Downloaded ActiveSync ActivePython on my Windows 7 machine. Worked for a little while and now it crashes every time I try to boot the IDLE or open a program, it crashes. Help please? Thanks

I'm not aware of any boot option for Windows that involves IDLE.  And
why Notepad and Internet Explorer should suddenly crash, I have no idea.

How about some more details?  What messages do you get in your console
window when you run "a program" ?  Please cut and paste the whole
message, no paraphrasing.

Also, please tell us the versions involved, and in the case of
ActiveSync, where you got it.
    seems to be perl related, not Python.

Presumably you mean the Microsoft product (no idea what that has to do
with Python), but according to one source:

            "Microsoft ActiveSync (Superceded By Windows Mobile Device



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