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Sun Aug 26 02:11:33 CEST 2012

On Friday, 17 August 2012 18:16:08 UTC+5:30, coldfire  wrote:
> I would like to know that where can a python script be stored on-line from were it keep running and can be called any time when required using internet.
> I have used mechanize module which creates a webbroswer instance to open a website and extract data and email me.
> I have tried Python anywhere but they dont support opening of anonymous websites.
> What s the current what to DO this?
> Can someone point me in the write direction.
> My script have no interaction with User It just Got on-line searches for something and emails me.
> Thanks

I got most of it. I will really appreciate is someone out the address of any of the following for use with python 
2>Shell Account
I am really new to all this Got web server and shell account but unable to figure out how to use it or deploy the Code,
My problem is that I m using lot of third party Library which are mostly not supported or I don't know How to make it RUN over Internet 

Plz Help

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