Imaging libraries in active development?

Luis Pedro Coelho luis at
Sun Dec 2 14:16:47 CET 2012

Alasdair McAndrew <amc... at> on Thu, 29 Nov 2012 wrote:
 > Probably the combinations of OpenCV, Scipy.ndimage and scikits-image 
 > would cover pretty much all of my needs.


All of those (+ mahotas, which is the package I wrote & imread which 
might be useful for microscopy file formats) will work on numpy arrays 
(openCV requires a bit of conversion back and forth, but it will work). 
Therefore, it is not much of a bother to mix&match functions from one or 
the other library::

     import mahotas as mah
     import imread
     import skimage
     import pylab

     image = imread.imread("my-fancy-image.jpeg")
     filtered = mah.gaussian_filter(image, 4.)
     segmented = skimage.segmentation.quickshift(filtered)

I just mixed 4 different packages seamlessly in this example. This will 
work flawlessly.

mahotas & skimage are both under very active development, but neither is 
unstable (i.e., we keep adding new features, but the existing code is 
very reliable). scipy.ndimage is sort of dead: I scavenged its code for 
good bits and pieces for mahotas, but nobody is developing ndimage.

If you run into specific issues, the mailing list pythonvision at!forum/pythonvision

is a good forum. Plenty of people from different projects lurk there.


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