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Sun Dec 2 23:38:18 CET 2012

On 2012-12-02 22:28, Verde Denim wrote:
> On 12/02/2012 04:43 PM, Mitya Sirenef wrote:
>> On 12/02/2012 04:39 PM, Verde Denim wrote:
>>> I'm just getting into py coding, and have come across an oddity in a py
>>> book - while loops that don't work as expected...
>>> This same loop structure appears in many places in this book "Starting
>>> out with Python, 2nd ed, Tony Gaddis), and they all yield the same
>>> error. Is there something I'm missing here?
>>> Thanks for the input...
>> I believe that should be raw_input, not input . input() evaluates user's
>> input
>> in local scope.  -m
> m
> Nicely done! That fixed it! Is that a version feature or should I take
> what I find in these books with a grain of salt?
It's a difference between Python 2 and Python 3.

Normally a lot of care is taken to maintain backwards compatibility,
but it was decided that the language needed to be tidied up and certain
misfeatures removed.

Python 2 has stopped at version 2.7. Python 3 is currently at version

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