Is it bad style to override the built-in function `type`?

Michael Herrmann michael.herrmann at
Mon Dec 3 11:57:30 CET 2012

Hi Rusi, 

> Im entering this thread late (was off mail for a week), so pardon me
> if someone has already said this -- but have you looked at the
> difference between internal and external dsls:
> (and links
> therein) ?
> Roughly speaking if what you are making is an external dsl, then its
> not really python (it may be python-inspired but thats not really
> germane) and so reusing python lexemes/structures etc in ways not
> exactly consistent with python usage should be no issue
> If its an internal DSL, you are headed for causing/suffering grief.
> I looked at your site [yes it looked almost interesting -- if only it
> ran on linux :-( ] and I cant really decide whether to classify it as
> external or internal

We want to capitalize on all of Python's advantages (tool/IDE support, available libraries etc) and are thus strictly offering an internal DSL (see As you pointed out, that's why it's important to stay consistent with Python's conventions. 

I agree it'd be nice to have Automa run on Linux, but unfortunately that's still a long time away...


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