A Discussion on Python and Data Visualization

subhabangalore at gmail.com subhabangalore at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 22:15:49 CET 2012

Dear Group,

I am trying to work out a data visualization module.

I am taking raw corpus,and processing it linguistically(tokenization,tagging,NED recognition)
and then trying to link the NED's with Latent Semantic Analysis or Relationship Mining or Network graph theory or cluster analysis and trying to visualize the result.

For NLP based works I am taking NLTK, LSA or Relationship Mining is also handled by NLTK,
for Network graph theory I am taking igraph/networkx, for cluster analysis I am using Pycluster/Cluster
and if any more extra visualization is required I am using matplotlib.

Now, am I going fine with the choice of software--(I am using Python2.7.3 on MS-Windows 7 with IDLE as GUI) or should I change any one?

If you have any suggestion?

Now, I was feeling as this is the age of Information Visualization Python may have a library for doing visual analytics which I do not know which would extract information and visualize?

If anyone can kindly suggest?

Thanking You in Advance,

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