Working with classes

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Tue Dec 4 01:27:40 CET 2012

On Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:47:53 -0000, <laila at> wrote:

> Hello, I've been working on this program for a long time but can't seem  
> to get it to work.

I'm sorry, you are going to have to be a lot clearer.  It isn't even a
little bit obvious what you are talking about, which rather makes me
suspect this is a homework question :-)

> The first array is the input file,

What array?  Do you mean the string of numbers haphazardly separated
by spaces, commas and equals signs?

> then a class, another class and the actual program.

Are those in separate files?  Your "import" statements suggest they
are, but you don't give us any other hints.

> Could anyone see what is wrong?

It's a bit hard to do that when you don't tell us what "right" means
in this case, and why you think your program might be wrong.

> I'm sorry if the program doesn't make any sense at all  I'm just  
> starting to learn this.

The program makes perfectly good sense, it is your description that
I don't understand.  Please tell us what it is supposed to do, and
what makes you think it doesn't do it.

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