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Tue Dec 4 18:36:32 CET 2012

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> Hello, I've been working on this program for a long time but can't
> seem to get it to work.. The first array is the input file, then a
> class, another class and the actual program. Could anyone see what
> is wrong? I'm sorry if the program doesn't make any sense at all
>  I'm just starting to learn this..
> The exercise wants us to do the following:
> 5,4 4,5 8,7
> Add behind 6,3 3,2 9,6 4,3
> Add in front 7,6
> Add behind 9,8
> Add in front 5,5 7,8 6,5 6,4
> These are coordinates in the form(x,y) and the x coordinates need to
> be raised by 1.
> pirateinvoer:
> 5,4 4,5 8,7=6,3 3,2 9,6 4,3=7,6=9,8=5,5 7,8 6,5 6,4

Sorry I tried to guess what your trying to do for 10 minutes, but can't figure it out.
The code doesn't help either.

What is your input ? a file ? what is __exactly__ its content?
What is the output ? a file ? what's the content.

What is pirateinvoer ? an input, an output ?

What is the meaning of = in pirateinvoer ?





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