Confused compare function :)

Anatoli Hristov tolidtm at
Wed Dec 5 23:50:49 CET 2012

Hi all,

I'm confused again with a compare update function. The problem is that
my function does not work at all and I don't get it where it comes

in my DB I have total of 754 products. when I run the function is says:
Total updated: 754
Total not found with in the distributor: 747
I just don't get it, can you find my  mistake ?

Thanks in advance

def Change_price():
    total = 0
    tnf = 0
    for row in DB: # DB is mySQL DB, logically I get out 1 SKU and I
compare it with next loop
        isku = row["sku"]
        isku = isku.lower()
        iprice = row["price"]
        iprice = int(iprice)
        found = 0
            for x in PRICELIST:# here is my next loop in a CSV file
which is allready in a list PRICELIST
                    dprice = x[6]
                    dprice = dprice.replace(",",".") # As in the
PRICELIST the prices are with commas I replace the comma as python
request it
                    dprice = float(dprice)
                    newprice = round(dprice)*1.10
                    dsku = x[4]
                    dsku = dsku.lower()
                    stock = int(x[7])
                    if isku == dsku and newprice < int(iprice):# If
found the coresponded SKU and the price is higher than the one in the
CSV I update the price
                        print dsku, x[6], dprice, newprice
                        Update_SQL(newprice, isku)# goes to the SQL Update
                        print isku, newprice
                        if isku == dsku:# Just a check to see if it works
                            print "Found %s" %dsku
                            found = 1
                            found = 0
                except IndexError:
                except ValueError:
                except TypeError:
        except IndexError:
        if found == 1:
            print "%s This is match" % isku
        if found == 0:
            print "%s Not found" % isku
            tnf = tnf +1
        total = total +1
    print "Total updated: %s" % total
    print"Total not found with in the distributor: %s" % tnf

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