problem with usbtmc-communication

wrw at wrw at
Thu Dec 6 15:50:10 CET 2012

On Dec 6, 2012, at 8:50 AM, Jean Dubois <jeandubois314 at> wrote:


> It seems there is some misunderstanding here. What I meant with  how
> to "do the equivalent in Python" refered to  "reading characters
> rather than lines".
> I have written working code myself for another Keithleu which does use
> RS232 for communication. The problem now is specifically for the new
> Keithley which doesn't allow RS232 but only USB-communication over
> usbtmc. So if the "buffer-problem" could be changed by reading
> characters that would be great.
> regards,
> Jean
> -- 

Sorry about the misunderstanding (and subsequent waste of bandwidth).  However, if you will look at the serial reads and writes in that handler, you will see that it does things like "" where "n" is an explicit number, the number of bytes to be read from the serial buffer.


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